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Blockchain 1TrueID

“A dream seems like a dream until you start working on it”

Adriano Olivetti

Key Subjects


Basics of Blockchain

The Technology

Supplier and Customer

Improving Traceability

How our traceability standards are working, considering the methodology and concept of traceability.

Innovative Traceability

In a traditional supply chain, each entity interacts with heterogeneous and often unrelated systems. (standalone software)

Instead, within a single ecosystem using the same protocol, a transparent and efficient result is obtained.

With 1TrueID we embed a QR code or RFID/NFC at the origin making the lot number much more consistent and also usable as a marketing tool (one to one communication and customer engagement).

This is presently a project that requires a pre analysis and relevant costs in view to integrate all necessary information to your ERP, eventually CRM, and that gives you real-time visibility of all documentation, and to manage it in terms of internal and external communication.

Top Fashion brands actually use this in all of their products to monitor fakes, post sales services, grey channels and to emphasize their customer engagement.

All data are secured, encrypted and of your property.


What we’ll achieve

“Cradle to Grave” Traceability
A blockchain designed for robust solutions that captures real-time inventory data, work in progress and finished goods.
The effort and cost of moving to a real-time system will quickly pay for itself and, if used strategically, expands a company’s customer base by demonstrating compliance and a commitment to quality.


Inclusion of certificates over the different stages of the chain
A blockchain-based smart contract is a self-executing code on a blockchain that automatically implements the terms of an agreement between parties.
Blockchain-based smart contracts could offer a number of benefits, such as fast, dynamic and real-time updates, low cost of operation, high accuracy and fewer intermediaries

Limited complexity
We adopt a one of a kind Plug & Play mode.


Short and clear communication
“Blockchains promise to be as fundamental as the internet in shaping how future business will be conducted.” *MIT Sloan Management Review.


A good Support Team
It is since 2019 that we make real supply chain blockchain projects.

Our Founder

1TrueID has always stood out as a company at the forefront in the blockchain and digital identity technology

Established in 2016, 1TrueID today collaborates with the major brands in the world of fashion and beyond. This experience and 1TrueID founders allows us to be operational and to be considered a reference point in multiple fields, industrial and financial.

Basics of Blockchain

The glossary

A blockchain is a digital ecosystem within which people, objects and services can communicate with each other. In a transparent, univocal, secure, encrypted and immutable way (append only).

Blockchain = A decentralized distributed ledger based on consensus where information is encrypted and stored immutably.

Ledger = A platform where information is stored.

Decentralized Distributed = There is no central authority.

Based on consensus = Information is processed, controlled and validated with the consensus of the majority of the users, any modification needs the consensus.

Information is encrypted… and stored immutably.

  • All users hold both a public key and private key.
  • Keys are used to encrypt and decrypt the information.

Information is stored in blocks generated in chronological order and marked with a hash.





The next generation 1TrueID Code

Why 1TrueID ?

1TrueID is a solution based on the most innovative technologies (QR Code, RFID, RAIN, NFC, blockchain) that:

  1. Creates a digital identity for each product that certifies its origin
  2. Allows to track backwards all the steps of the chain
  3. Provides after-sale customer engagement services
  4. 1TrueID protects your data as each archive is encrypted

Create it

Producer – item interaction: 1TrueID generates a unique code for each product (1trueid Code) validated with blockchain technology that:

– marks it along the entire chain

– certifies its origin and composition

Read it

Scanning the code with his smartphone, the consumer is incentivized to install the mobile app containing all information about the product, certified and guaranteed with blockchain technology

Own it

Unique end-customer – product interaction: he registers its property of the product

Brand – end-customer interaction: the Brand becomes aware of the customer’s preferences for a dedicated marketing relationship

This provides a better overall safety during the entire process

What’s next ?

Own it + re-Own it

Own it

The brand ambassador registers the property of the watch for customer experience

GLOSSARY: Brand ambassador: the spokesman of the Brand


EVERY PRODUCT TELLS A STORY: The unique product interaction for end-customers

“This watch was with me for the last years, and so many of my performances” Sonya Yoncheva

Re-Own it

The ambassador releases the property of the watch

All these steps are recorded on blockchain

This provides a better overall value of the item, and there is a possibility of a new customer




Textile supply chain

Who are participants in a OTIChain Supply Chain ?

A closer look

The overall concept behind our project consist in reward the companies/entities that are SDG compliant.


This rule is used throught all the stages of the process, from the supplier to the retailer.

Participants NOT compliant with due diligence = No reward awarded

Participants who not have successfully passed (N) Sustainable Development Goals UN criteria

Participants comply with due diligence = Rewarded with OTIs

Participants who have successfully passed (N) Sustainable Development Goals UN criteria