Leading actors


It's the final user of the 1trueid solution. Through a registration process, online on the web portal or through the app, it can use the functions, thus becoming part of the 1trueid community.


It is the producer of the objects that will be identified through the 1trueid code and which will have access to the statistical information concerning the interactions between user and objects. It is counted by 1trueid, so as to guarantee the security and authoritativeness of the contents, and enabled to use the functions allowed to it by automated IT processes such as APIs or development SDKs.

Digital DNA Generation

1trueid generates Product Digital Identity (Digital DNA), using encrypted keys with SSL 128 bit and writes it on different media. The application of a media on a item establishes a univocal digital identity.

  • QR/Optical

    No productions costs
  • NFC

    Low production costs
    Available for smartphone

    Bulk reading
    Low production costs
  • BTLE

    Available in every device

Cloud Solution

1trueid uses cloud technology to improve performance and to make our platform accessible directly from any device.


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