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The Virtual Machine For Smart Contracts – Evm

As a UTXO-based smart contract platform, Otichain uses the same remote procedure calls (RPCs) as Bitcoin.

Having chosen this framework and further selected a PoS consensus model for its ability to facilitate a decentralized app creation platform, the traceability and consistency of blockchain transactions is guaranteed. Ethereum, on the other hand, uses an account-based system (like a mail address) in which account status and balances are managed in these objects called ‘accounts’. Ethereum’s blockchain uses stack-based virtual machines called EVMs.

These 256-bit EVMs execute smart contracts recorded in the Solidity language. Since the Otichain platform is based on the UTXO model, an interface is needed to translate the UTXO model into an account-based model.

The EVM integration interface allows smart contracts developed on Ethereum to work on Otichain without requiring any changes to them. This allows developers and users to work easily with the Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols. This makes OTI a hybrid cryptocurrency that can be used in a wide range of sectors worldwide.